3 Kitchen Remodeling Myths You Need To Know

3 Kitchen Remodeling Myths You Need To Know

Posted on March 18, 2017 in Kitchen, Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling MythsRemember that time you were watching your favorite house flipping show and they remodeled the kitchen in 24 hours?

You thought to yourself: “I can do that!” So you decided to remodel your own kitchen, but instead you ended up wrecking it worse than a tornado.

Oh, that hasn’t happened yet? Then you found this article just in time.

Whether you’re determined to go forward with your DIY kitchen renovation or you’re still considering hiring a professional, here are three common myths about kitchen remodeling that you’ll want to check out first.

Myth #1: You should spend at least 25% of your home value on your kitchen reno

If you’ve been doing kitchen remodeling research then you’ve probably seen the “rule of thumb” that you need to spend 25% of your home value on your upgraded kitchen. We consider this a myth because the amount you spend on your kitchen should depend on the purpose of your decision to renovate.

If you’re remodeling your kitchen to reach higher resale value then you might consider spending that much money. However, if you’re just unhappy with the way your kitchen looks and feels then you can often get away with spending much less (even if you hire professionals to do it).

This is where “minor” kitchen remodels come in. According to US News, “[in 2014] the average cost of a minor kitchen remodel – new cabinet doors, appliances, countertops, sink, faucet, paint and hardware – was $18,856 nationwide. With inflation, that equals around $19,300 today.” The article goes on to say that a minor kitchen remodel provides an 82.7% return on investment.

With today’s average home value around $196,000, a 25% investment would put you just under $50,000, significantly higher than the $19,300 average. With that said, there are cases when you might want to spend 25% of your home value on the kitchen – say if the kitchen is in extreme disrepair – but 25% can be used as an upper limit rather than a starting point.

For DIYers, it’s possible to get by with an even smaller investment. Just consider the costs of things like new tool purchases, fixing errors made, different materials and parts (even the small ones) and more. Many people start the DIY project only to realize that they’re in over their head and they end up spending more on the total project after bringing in a professional.

Myth #2: Kitchen remodeling is a DIY project that the average person can complete

It’s important to draw a line between small changes in your kitchen and minor to major kitchen renovation. For instance, most people can probably replace appliances in the kitchen, repaint walls, maybe even put up a backsplash or replace lighting. And those changes can make a world of difference for a kitchen that needs a little updating.

But, even minor kitchen remodeling tends to include jobs like cabinet repair, countertop replacement, sink replacement and so on. In many cases, it’s critical to understand how your plumbing and electrical systems run through your house so that you don’t cause damage during the process, even if you don’t plan on actually rearranging those systems.

Here’s a list of kitchen remodeling jobs that you can probably manage, depending on your level of experience, comfort and patience:

  • Painting
  • Light switch replacement
  • Cabinet knob replacement
  • Installing new lighting fixtures
  • Replacing appliances (hire a professional to connect your gas, electric, and water lines)


With a little more experience, you may also be able to do jobs like these:

  • Refinishing/building custom cabinetry
  • Installing a new backsplash
  • Installing new countertops and sink
  • Installing heavier duty appliances
  • Replacing flooring

For projects that are more involved or more technical, it’s usually best to locate a company nearby that offers kitchen remodeling services.

Myth #3: Cutting upfront remodeling costs will yield a better return-on-investment

We understand that redoing your kitchen can get expensive quickly, and of course you have to obey your budget. But, it’s almost always true that you won’t get the same return on your investment if you cut corners during the remodeling process. This can be true in one of two ways:

Renovating to improve your home’s value. If you’re remodeling your kitchen because you want to boost the resale value – especially if you’re planning to sell– it’s important not to skimp in certain areas. People (especially realtors and inspectors) will notice when a homeowner has cut corners in places.

Is there a place where water used to come in the kitchen and instead of replacing the affected areas, you just coated it with paint? That’s going to show up when it comes time to sell. It actually pays to do a solid job when renovating your kitchen, even if you’re going to be selling it in the near future.

Remodeling for your own satisfaction. You may think that it’s okay to cut corners if you’re not planning to sell your house. However, in most cases it’s still best to do things the right way because durability will be impacted by less-than-satisfactory kitchen remodeling work. Sure, you might get a few years out of it, but it won’t take long for things to start falling apart or wearing down because you didn’t make the investment early on.

The statement that you get what you pay for is almost always true – and that goes for kitchen remodeling, too. The materials you use, products you purchase, labor you hire and everything else you invest in will almost always impact the value of your kitchen remodel in the end.

Our experienced team at R.J. Tilley understands that budgeting is a top priority. That’s why we consult with every client about the costs and benefits of every design decision. We will guide you to save money in the areas that offer the least utility and value or to invest in the areas that provide better function or return on investment.

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