Bathroom Remodel in Prince George, VA

Bathroom Remodel in Prince George, VA

Posted on March 22, 2017 in Bathroom Remodeling


When we received the call from a Prince George resident asking for our help to remodel her bathroom, we knew we’d be up for the challenge. The bathroom was clearly outdated and begging for a new look. The green tub, lighting fixtures over the vanity, and wallpaper were installed decades ago and needed to go.

One of the homeowner’s goals was to increase the space and functionality of her bathroom. She needed more space in the shower and more use out of her vanity. The tub was not easy to get in and out of and there was a soffit above the shower which made it feel small. As for the vanity, it filled the entire right wall and took up half of the bathroom. While she liked the size of the vanity, it was hard to use all of it – especially the middle section. The homeowner needed us to figure out a way to make all parts of the vanity both functional and beautiful.


Cue demolition. We removed the outdated green tub, lighting fixtures, and wallpaper. The rest of the bathroom – including the mirror, faucets, vanity countertop, cabinets, and vinyl flooring – were also removed and taken to the dump. All that remained was the toilet, which was a newer model that fit perfectly into our proposed design.


We opted to keep the floor plan the same in order to maximum the space and keep costs down. Since the homeowner needed more shower space, we decided to remove the soffit above the shower. We also installed a low profile tub so she could easily get in and out of the shower and a recessed shampoo shelf for increased functionality. Glass shower doors were added to increase the perceived space and to display the beautiful tile that was laid around the tub to the ceiling.
prince george shower remodel after-shower-faucet

Next, we increased the distance between the two vanity sinks to give the homeowner more room in the center of the vanity. Instead of having cabinet doors across the entire vanity, we used a knee drawer between the sinks which allows the homeowner to relax in a chair in the middle of the vanity and get ready for the day. The white color of the cabinets was chosen to compliment the granite countertop and tile floor.

vanity remodel

After the shower and vanity were in place, we laid down the new tile. The same tile that was used around the shower/tub was used on the floor to make the bathroom feel even more luxurious. While the size of the tile is different, using the same tile makes it look as if the tile is extending from the floor to the shower and up to the clearing.

tile floor

Lastly, all of the fixtures were updated to chrome to tie in with the light grays that span the room. The vanity lights, cabinet hardware, sink faucets, towel holder, and shower faucet all match and give the bathroom a lavished look.

prince george bathroom sink

The final addition to the bathroom was a chrome circular mirror behind the toilet which was the perfect last touch for this bathroom remodel.


The homeowner was ecstatic when we showed her the finished bathroom. She loves how spacious it feels in the shower and around the vanity as well as the functionality we brought back to the vanity. Not only were we able to upgrade the bathroom with the latest features and fixtures, but we created a bathroom with more space and and function than before which is exactly what she needed.


These products were used in this Prince George Remodel:

Floor:  Daltile Florentine Carrara  12”x12” tile with bright white PermaColor grout

Vanity:  Medallion Madison flat panel  maple

Vanity Countertop: 3 cm Fantasy Brown granite

Vanity Sink:  Kohler Caxton 17”x14”  oval undermount bowls, white

Vanity Faucet:  Delta Linden 8” widespread, chrome

Vanity Mirror: 24”x34” arched wall mirrors

Vanity light fixtures:  Eurofase Lighting Dorado 3-bulb

Toilet:  Toto Drake ADA elongated bowl  with soft close seat, white

Shower tub:  Kohler Bellwether 60”x30” cast iron tub, white

Shower tile:  Daltile Florentine Carrara 10”x14” laid horizontal broken joint with bright white PermaColor grout

Shower Recessed Shampoo Shelf: PAMARVA Sterling ALM-01C glass and metal mosaic

Shower Faucet:  Delta Linden 1700 series pressure balanced faucet with temperature and volume control, chrome – includes In2ition fixed shower/handheld shower combination

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