Kitchen Countertop Trends

Kitchen Countertop Trends

Posted on April 18, 2016 in Kitchen, Remodeling


For many of us, kitchens are the heart of our home—it’s where things happen, people gather, holidays are celebrated, memories are made. When remodeling a kitchen, it’s important to look at the space as a whole and to have a clear idea and vision of how certain elements will connect and compliment one another. Whether you’re doing a full kitchen remodel or a piecemeal approach to upgrades, countertops are one of the first things to catch the eye. An upgrade in countertops is a game-changer for kitchens.

Kitchen surfaces sustain almost just as much abuse as our floors. When replacing countertops, material selection should take into consideration practicality and function as well as what appeals most to your senses and style. There are an overwhelming amount of choices available when looking at kitchen countertops. Stop by our showroom to check out the amazing selection of materials!

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Choices, choices, choices!

While synthetic materials like laminate are popular because they’re cost efficient, low maintenance and come in a wide variety of colors, they don’t have the same distinctive look and intricacies found in natural stone countertops. Depending on the material, size and installation, the investment in new countertops varies greatly. According to the professionals at Family Handyman, you should plan to spend 10-15% of your kitchen remodeling budget on countertops and installation.

Here are some pros and cons of the trendiest materials for kitchen countertops…


The front-runner in kitchen countertops, granite takes a nice, average kitchen to the next level. With a wide variety of shades, it’s not difficult to find one that will complement your cabinets and floors. According to an article posted on The Nest, professionally installed granite adds well beyond the average 25% of its retail value.

Pros: budget-friendly, heat-resistant, scratch-proof, stain-resistant when properly sealed, low-maintenance and durable

Cons: porous when unsealed, no slab is the same so you must be willing to embrace variations and flaws


A superior solid surface material, this engineered stone meets the needs of most homeowners. Quartz comes in solid colors with less detail and marbling than other natural stone materials, but it offers consistent color patterns. It is 93% quartz mineral with the rest comprised of a resin binder and color additives.

Pros: non-porous, heat-resistant, spill-proof, durable, low-maintenance and doesn’t require sealing for protection

Cons: visible seams, higher price tag, fewer intricacies than natural stone, heavier material makes it more labor-intensive to install


Viewed as the Cadillac of countertops, marble brings out classic elegance unmatched by other options. If you’re looking for bright white or solid black countertops, oftentimes marble is one of few choices to achieve the vision. Although it requires a bit more maintenance, with the proper sealing and care, marble countertops are not only beautiful, but difficult to damage.

Pros: offers a smooth, cool surface ideal for cooking and baking, available in a wide variety of colors, heat-resistant

Cons: porous and susceptible to staining and scratching, requires sealing

Butcher Block

Reclaimed wood countertops are a popular choice for achieving a natural look that’s eco-friendly. Many homeowners will pair butcher block countertops with other materials for added visual appeal. There are plenty of finish options ranging from high gloss to weathered.

Pros: conceals cuts and scratches, develops character with use, low-maintenance, easy to clean

Cons: requires sealing and oiling to avoid effects of water, must be thoroughly dried after cleaning

Stainless Steel

This is one of few countertop materials that are virtually indestructible. If you’re looking for a modern surface that requires very little maintenance, stainless might be the way to go. Another perk—when paired with the right lighting stainless countertops can make your kitchen look much larger!

Pros: durable and resilient, heat-resistant, hygenic and won’t harbor bacteria, available in a variety of finishes like satin polish to antique matte

Cons: prone to scratching, must be installed with a wooden substructure to prevent denting


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