Top 10 Remodeling Apps

Top 10 Remodeling Apps

Posted on June 5, 2013 in Bathroom Remodeling, Bathrooms, Kitchen, Plumbing, Remodeling, Uncategorized

While most of us love the feel of pen and paper when drafting ideas for our dream kitchen, the sudden surge of remodel-related apps on the market makes reaching for your tablet or smartphone pretty tempting. After all, you’re less likely to lose either of those, not to mention that this century’s tech surge has left us with a slew of online tools that make even daunting tasks, like a kitchen remodel, more accessible.

Here are 10 Apps the industry is raving about:

1. Color Capture (Free)

This app lets you capture your favorite colors anytime, anyplace. Just take a picture of any color, and you’ll receive an instant match from one of Benjamin Moore’s 3,300+ paint colors. This capture process allows you to select the smallest color detail and then suggests a match from a library of options, with added benefits of viewing recommended color combos and locating your nearest retail supplier.

2. MoodBoard ($9.99)

If you love creating inspiration boards for interior design projects, you will love this popular app. Moodboard allows you to produce and share self-created boards on your iPad by collecting and organizing virtual design “clippings” that inspire you. It is a handy project management tool for passionate DIYers, with the ability to add links and personal styling by selecting board fonts, backgrounds and images related to each specific kitchen project.

3. Mark on Call ($2.99)

If you currently can’t afford to hire a design professional, this easy-to-use app is like having a virtual interior design assistant in your back pocket. The app was recently updated to a 2.5 version, which manages your floor plans, shopping lists and even offers a tool that generates virtual room views, taking all the guesswork out of your design layout.


4. GoDesign ($9.99)

Created for kitchen design pros, and equally loved by them, this app allows you to track your clients, vendors and products all in one place. The clear navigation creates more streamlined project management with the added benefit of virtual tear sheets and user-friendly interfaces.


5. inchCALC ($1.99)

This practical calculator app takes all the guesswork out of your kitchen calculations, ensuring that you have precise and accurate planning information with little to no effort. As an added bonus, it also offers easy-to-read screen shots that generate tips on how to measure various spaces and shapes.


6. I.D. Wood ($4.99)

An ideal app for both design professionals and DIYers, this app allows you to view, search and identify a variety of wood options for your next kitchen project. Filled with detailed screen shots featuring botanical, regional, description and common use information, this app simplifies the process of selecting wood floors, cabinetry, countertops and accents for the home.

7. iHandy Carpenter ($1.99)

Perfect for the handyman (or woman), this app is like having a complete carpentry kit at the touch of a screen. The app offers clear graphics, easy-to-follow instructions and is powered with exact measurements to ensure that your next project is carried out with precision.

8. Photo Measures ($4.99)

Aptly named, this app allows you to take a photo of a kitchen space you need measurements for and then calculates the measurements for you. The added Organization feature creates easy reference and storage solutions for multiple design projects, making it one of the best loved design apps on the market to day.


9. ColorChange ($2.99)

Popular with DIYers, the Color Change app helps with any redecorating project by changing the color of your existing paint color in a captured image. Straight forward and simple to use, the Color Change app allows you to view multiple color variations and combinations until you find the perfect shade for your next design project.


10. Home Maintenance ($4.99)

A great tool for anyone with multiple projects to manage, this app is compatible with the iPhone and the iPad. Like having a personal home manager who keeps track of all your DIY, repair and maintenance tasks, this app allows you to capture a home project, generate a note for the task and assign an action date that syncs with your calendar to remind you to service your home.