What’s the Importance of Proper Drainage in our Home’s Exterior Drains?

What’s the Importance of Proper Drainage in our Home’s Exterior Drains?

Posted on October 28, 2015 in Plumbing

44516381_sDrains and proper drainage are important components in every home.  However, it’s likely most homeowners don’t think twice when they turn on a faucet, run an appliance or flush the toilet. Little consideration is given to the concept that when water comes into a house, it must have a clear pathway to leave.  

That’s where drains and drainage become important.  Each plumbing fixture–whether a toilet, shower, sink or appliance–is connected to its own drain line, which then intersects with the main line. Water must travel this series of lines before being removed from the house.  Clogged drains prevent waste water from freely flowing through lines to the outside where it’s expelled in the septic tank and sewer system.  

Complex Network of Pipes and Lines—Inside and Outside of our Homes

Ensuring proper drainage of exterior drains is just as important as having clear drains for removing waste water inside.  Exterior drain clogs can wreak havoc on a home, causing major plumbing system damage.  Flooding, pooling and staining, foundation damage, malfunctioning gutters and stopped up downspouts are just several of the problems that result from clogged exterior drains.  

29686282_sFall has arrived bringing rain, cooler temperatures and fallen leaves.  With these factors, and winter ahead, there is no better time than now to give some close attention to your home’s exterior drainage system.  Checking for good drainage around your home is one of the best things you can do to prevent emergency plumbing repairs.  

Here are some maintenance tasks for checking your home’s exterior drainage system:

  • Ensuring proper roofing ventilation through inspection of flashing and vents  
  • Checking other vent pipes like the one that leads from the dryer outside
  • Cleaning gutters and downspouts thoroughly when the weather is cool and dry
  • Checking gutters and downspouts for cracks or damage
  • Removing leaves and debris from around window wells
  • Identifying the growth of roots inside drain lines and using video technology to conduct sewer inspections in the case of whole house backups

Clear drains and free flowing water affects our daily lives, but in the bigger picture it impacts the overall safety and comfort of our homes.  R.J. Tilley understands the importance of seasonal maintenance for your exterior drainage system.  Inspection of vents, pipes and drain lines can make a difference in clear drainage and unexpected plumbing repairs.  

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