Faucet Replacement & Installation Services

Faucet Replacement & Installation Services

If you need a new faucet in your bathroom or kitchen, R.J. Tilley’s plumbers are fully trained in replacement and installation services. Whether you need assistance with your kitchen faucet, your bathroom sink, or even your bathtub or shower faucet, our plumbers have the necessary experience to help.

Faucet Replacement

If your faucet is showing signs of wear or damage, it may need to be replaced. Signs to watch out for include a leaking or spitting faucet, or a faucet that makes noise — like a squeaking sound. Faucets should not make noise when you turn the handles, and they should produce a smooth stream of water with even pressure when you turn them on. Broken faucets can be a nuisance, and leaky faucets can cost you more than you might expect on your water bill.

While our plumbers will do their best to repair serviceable faucets, there are times when a faucet needs to be completely replaced. In this case, we’re here to guide you regarding the best replacement options.

Thanks to our substantial experience handling full bathroom and kitchen remodels, our designers have extensive knowledge of the available faucet styles. This means our team can advise you on both the design and function of your faucets. 

We carry the most common top brands like Delta, Kohler, and Moen. And if you’re looking for something a bit more luxurious, we also carry higher-end faucets like those from Hansgrohe and Brizo.

We also have a kitchen and bathroom showroom with a vast selection of faucets to help you make the best decision for your home or business. You can schedule a consultation with our designers, even if all you need is a simple faucet installation. 

Faucet Installation

Whether you already own a faucet that you’d like to have installed or want some assistance deciding on a new faucet from step one, we can help.

Regardless of the type of faucet you need — be it for a shower, tub, kitchen, or bathroom sink — we’ve got you covered. Our services will cover your faucet replacement and installation from start to finish. We will remove your old faucet, install your new one, and connect the supply lines. Plus, while we’re in your home, we will inspect your bathroom valves and traps to make sure everything is in working order.

Please note that if any valves or traps need to be replaced or repaired, there will be an extra repair fee.

Our Guarantee

At R.J. Tilley, we guarantee that we will never sell you anything you don’t need. It’s our mission to ensure that your faucet replacement is economical, efficient, and ideal for your situation.

For every faucet repair or installation, we offer a one-year labor warranty. All of our faucets also come with a lifetime warranty. Whatever the issue, we will be there to see to it that the work we do lasts for the long haul. If there are any issues, we want to make it right.

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