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Video Camera to Locate Clogs in Sewer Lines


Problems with a main sewer line can call for unique plumbing methods.

Perhaps your whole house is stopped up. You call a plumber and he cleans your main drain line. Everything seems OK.

A couple of weeks later it happens again. If it’s an old house it might be roots or if it’s a new house it might be a break in the line somewhere. Fortunately there is special technology to investigate the cause.

To find the source of the problem we use a camera on the end of a long cable, similar to a snake. We feed it down the drain to see exactly where the break is. Once we know the location we can dig up only that area and fix the specific problem instead of replacing the whole sewer.

If you have concerns about your main sewer line, you need the best plumber in Richmond, R. J. Tilley.