Curious about Kitchen Remodeling?  Visit our Richmond Kitchen Showroom Today!

Curious about Kitchen Remodeling? Visit our Richmond Kitchen Showroom Today!

Posted on July 29, 2016 in Uncategorized

Uncertainty is a real (and natural) concern when considering any type of home remodeling. In a survey conducted by the Research Institute for Cooking & Kitchen Intelligence, homeowners who had undergone a remodel were asked about their primary pain points in the process. The majority stated their anxiety came from feeling “in the dark” and “wanting to know what was really going to happen throughout the course of the renovation.”

Let R.J. Tilley reassure you that kitchen remodeling can be straightforward, stress-free and even enjoyable. Visit our Richmond kitchen showroom to speak with our team members—we’re confident that what you see and learn will resolve your hesitation. We also encourage you to browse our kitchen gallery to check out some of the kitchens we’ve completed for satisfied clients!

R.J. Tilley is here to show you how our remodeling process is different—and why clients across Richmond choose us for their kitchen design and renovation needs. We take all the stress and guesswork out of wondering “what’s going to happen next” by acting as your general contractor. That’s right— you won’t have to manage sub-contractors, no scheduling conflicts and no miscommunications to slow progress.

Let us help you achieve your dream kitchen!

Our expertise in residential plumbing and history of successful kitchen renovations, along with a carefully chosen team of designers, carpenters and plumbers have helped us perfect the remodeling process. We won’t win you over with promises of low bids and speedy work. Instead, we lead with our experience and reputation in the marketplace for being a trusted plumbing and remodeling company. Craftsmanship and quality takes a great deal of effort and planning. Perhaps more importantly, we believe a major project should be fun and should not break the bank!

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You’ve probably taken your first dip into remodeling after being inspired by something you’ve seen in a magazine, on TV or online. Gathering creative ideas from a variety of sources is a great starting point, but the best way to craft a plan that meets your style and budget is to browse samples and designs you can experience in person.

R.J. Tilley’s Richmond kitchen showroom features products from high quality, well-known names, several of which are local to the area. Our showroom houses every design feature you’ll need to select and it’s also a fully functional space that invites you to try before you buy. From feeling textures and grains on popular kitchen surfaces to visualizing how design elements improve flow, you can see it all for yourself!

Visit our showroom today to discover the possibilities and browse high-end materials and products including…

Check out our major brands and suppliers list, and if you don’t see something of interest, just give us a call and we’ll help guide you through the process!

Whether you’re sure without a doubt, or still pondering the gamut of options available, our showroom narrows the gap between uncertainty and confidence. No matter where you are in the remodeling process, we welcome you to stop by the showroom to speak with one of our design experts, discover new ideas and trends, and see first hand how your vision can turn to reality.

For more information on kitchen remodeling and other residential services, contact R.J. Tilley today.