The Showpiece of the House

The Showpiece of the House

Posted on September 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

No detail was overlooked in the crafting of the Kohler Tailored Vanity Collection-from the premium hardwood to the hardware. The wide range of styles, colors and finishes will steal the spotlight and turn your bathroom into the showpiece of the house.


Poplin™ Vanity Styles

Poplin vanities are heavily influenced by Shaker style and design, known for clean, straight lines and a strict sense of functionality.


Marabou™ Vanity Styles

Marabou vanities brim with craftsman charm for a timeless look that is a true classic of American design.


Damask™ Vanity Styles

The design of the Damask vanities draws from the rich details found in Early American architecture.


Jute™ Vanity Styles

Elegant and sophisticated, Jute vanities are a contemporary play on mid-century modern design. They make a stunning design statement as a wall-mount piece or with optional metal legs.


Jacquard™ Vanity Styles

Jacquard vanities echo the elegance and nuance found in traditional furniture and cabinetry with a versatile design that is pared down to the absolute essential.

The Kohler Tailored Vanity Collection brings a new dimension to the bathroom. Each style enables you to finish your room completely in Kohler quality.

From a small powder room to a large bathroom Kohler has everything you need to make your bathroom the showpiece of the house. Call R.J. Tilley for an appointment to start planning your dream bathroom. (804) 798-7702