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Clogged Bathtubs


The most common reason for a bathtub to clog is the buildup of hair.  We recommend routinely cleaning the drain to remove hair and if necessary using a non-toxic, earth friendly product for a safer solution.

Using Cleaners & Solvents To Unclog Bathtubs

We do not recommend harsh chemical drain cleaning products that can be harmful to you and to your pipes and septic systems.  Baking soda and vinegar or washing soda followed by hot water may be helpful in routine cleaning to maintain your drain lines.

Preventing Clogged Bathtubs

One way to deal with hair clogging the tub is a special drain assembly that R.J. Tilley can install. It catches a lot of hair. You can screw the top off and remove the hair.

It’s standard on most modern tubs. Most of them don’t have linkage anymore that you can push and pull. You can take the actual drain plunger off and then all the hair lays over the cross bar that gives the support to that drain and then you can pick the hair out.

If you have a clogged bathtub that won’t unclog, you need a plumber. Call the best plumber in Richmond, R. J. Tilley. “We can fix that”.

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